Advantages of track shoes and working environment

The use of track shoes is very extensive. In order to let everyone understand it more clearly, today I will talk about the advantages and working environment of track shoes. I hope everyone has to help.

  Five advantages of track shoes

  1. Unique ingredients processing technology.

  2. Imported rubber raw materials.

  3, size standard. The connection size of the track shoe steel plate and the rubber block and the surface hardness of the steel plate meet the relevant industry standards, and the steel plate is forged without cracks.

  4. Design. The rubber used on the rubber board is oil-resistant, asphalt-resistant, corrosion-resistant, diesel-resistant, and abrasion-resistant.

  5. Fine processing. Each batch of products has a chemical analysis report, the track pads are painted, and the joint surface is processed to be flat.

track shoes

  Choice of working environment for track shoes

  1. The operating temperature of rubber track is generally between -25 ~ 55C.

  2. Pavement with sharp protrusions (such as steel bars, stones, etc.) will cause injury to the rubber track.

  3. The salinity of chemicals, oil, and seawater will accelerate the aging of the crawler track. After using it in such an environment, clean the crawler track.

  4. Road stones, ruts, or uneven roads will cause cracks on the ground side of the track edges. This kind of crack can continue to be used when it does not damage the steel cord.

  5. The gravel and gravel pavement will cause early wear of the rubber surface in contact with the load-bearing wheels, forming small cracks. In severe cases, water intrudes, causing the core iron to fall off and the wire to break. The steel track chassis has a relatively wide range of use, its life span, and a wider choice of operating conditions. It consists of steel tracks, track wheels, guide wheels, track wheels, chassis, and two walking reducers (the walking reducer consists of a motor, a gear box, a brake, and a valve body). Generally, for example, the drilling rig is arranged on the chassis as a whole, and the walking speed of the crawler chassis is adjusted by the control handle, so that the whole machine can realize convenient movement, turning, climbing, walking, etc.

  The above is the introduction of the advantages and working environment of the crawler shoes. I hope everyone will understand the advantages of the crawler shoes and the working environment, which will be helpful to everyone.

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