Causes of track shoe damage

The wear of thetrack shoe teeth has exceeded the limit, and the track shoe slip during operation, which reduces the work efficiency. So what causes the damage of the track shoe ? Let's take a look at the reasons for the wear of the track shoe.

  In normal operation, the track pin slowly rotates backward in the pin hole, and the two wear evenly, the pin hole gradually becomes larger, and the pin becomes gradually thinner. If the operation is improper, such as turning at a high speed, slamming, or getting stuck in mud or weeds, etc., it will cause the left and right sides of the track shoe to sag under pressure due to excessive pressure, and the pins will deform and bend. Rotating, the pin and pin hole become sliding friction, and the friction part is limited to a small part of the contact surface, the pin is gradually ground into a curved shape, and the pin hole also becomes oval. Enlarging the pin hole causes the track pitch to increase (the pitch is the center distance between the holes at both ends of the track shoe), so the track shoe and the drive wheel are honing each other, the track shoe is worn through, and the teeth of the drive wheel are blade-shaped. According to the measurement, when the pitch is changed from 174 mm to 184 mm, the width of the opening of the driving wheel teeth is changed from 87 mm to 97 mm, and then the normal rolling meshing is completely destroyed. Because the track shoe's pitch is stretched, it also causes the track rollers to jump during walking, which accelerates the wear of the track shoe .

  When the runway area subsides more than 4 mm, it should be repaired. The wear of the guide part of the track shoe is mainly caused by the track deflection, the serious deformation of the track shoe, and the excessive axial vibration of the track rollers and guide wheels. Common scrap track pads are severely worn or worn at the meshing points with the drive wheels.

  The above is the introduction of the reasons for the wear of the track shoes. I hope everyone will understand the reasons for the wear of the track shoes and help you.

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