Excavator bucket replacement precautions

The excavator bucket is not easy to be damaged. The main thing is to replace the wear-resistant parts such as bucket teeth. The possibility of damage to the excavator bucket will greatly increase, so removing and replacing the damaged bucket becomes difficult for everyone! Novice replacement buckets take a lot of time and effort. If he has no experience, he is still in danger of injury. If he asks the owner to replace it, the maintenance fee plus the admission fee is also a big cost. Today I will tell you the detailed replacement steps of the excavator bucket. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  Replacement and precautions of the excavator bucket:

  Tools such as hammers will definitely be used to change buckets. When gravity hits the pins, metal fragments are likely to fly into the eyes. Therefore, protective equipment such as goggles, hard hats, and gloves must be worn properly during operation. If some pins are rusted and difficult to disassemble, they may need to be hit hard, so it is necessary to remind the surrounding people to pay attention to safety.

Excavator bucket

  After disassembly, the bucket must be securely placed. When disassembling the pins, special care should be taken not to stand under the bucket, nor to put your feet or any part of your body under the bucket.

  When the pins need to be aligned for removal or installation, do not put your fingers in the pin holes. Two people need to cooperate with each other when the excavator bucket is connected. To be safe, they should know each other's signals and work carefully. Place the bucket on a flat surface.

  Note: When removing the pin, touch the bucket to the ground. If the bucket falls heavily on the ground, it will increase resistance and it will not be easy to remove the pin.

  The above is the introduction of the matters needing attention for the replacement of the excavator bucket. I hope that everyone understands the precautions for the replacement of the excavator bucket and will be helpful to everyone.

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