Excavator track link replacement skills

       Excavator track link is an important part of the excavator chassis accessories, which can make the excavator travel better. Here are some tips for replacing the track link of the excavator. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  After the problem of engine abnormal noise, the track link is suspected to be worn first. At this time, you need to open the valve chamber cover, check the track link, the chain presser and the tensioner. Although the track link cannot be distinguished with the naked eye, you can pay attention The force is placed on the chain presser. If the chain presser has visible signs of wear by the naked eye, use a vernier caliper to measure the tensioner extending beyond 26mm, it can be judged that the track link has been stretched and needs to be replaced.

  Under normal circumstances, there are two ways to replace the CAT E330 track link. One is to use a special tool to operate, which saves time and effort. If you do not have the appropriate special tool at hand, you can also use the second method, which is slightly different from one. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Let ’s talk about it separately below.

  Because this special tool is generally only available in the after-sales service department, it is difficult for ordinary users to find it, so this method is commonly used in after-sales service and equipment under warranty. After removing the valve chamber cover, put in a special tool to fix the track link, and use the special tool on the top of the camshaft gear to disassemble the chain link (when removing the chain link, please pay attention: the chain link pin should not fall into the timing gear chamber. If you fall in carefully, you need to dismantle the entire timing gear room), and use the joints in the new chain to connect the old chain. At this time, someone needs to use the special tool of the turning gear to turn the engine to the bottom of the excavator (here is a detail : The person who cranks must cooperate well with the person who has the track link on it. If the cooperation is not good, the chain will skip teeth.) Turn the old chain out, and the new chain will just turn around in place and put the old one in place. Take out the chain, connect the new chain with a joint, press the joint with a special tool, install a tensioner, and reset the machine.

Excavator track link

  If you can't find the special tools on hand, there are ways to change the track link. First, let go of the antifreeze, and then remove the wind ring, fan cover, fan blades, water pump, air conditioner compressor and other accessories, remove the oil bottom screw, and then remove the timing gear chamber cover. Here you need to pay attention not to seal damage. Then, crank the car to the top dead center of one or four cylinders, and mark the gears if necessary to prevent confusion. The next step is to replace the chain. It should be noted here that the camshaft cannot rotate.

  Regardless of the replacement of special tools or non-special tools, care must be taken to keep them clean, no sand and dust should fall into the oil, and if necessary, replace the entire car oil. It should be noted that even after changing the track link, you should also pay attention to checking once every 2,000 hours. The tensioner and the chain are the focus of the inspection. If any abnormality is found, it should be handled in time.

  The above is the introduction of the excavator track link replacement skills. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the excavator track link replacement skills.

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