Excavator track tension adjustment method

Since the excavator track tension will cause such great damage to the excavator under inappropriate circumstances, today we will introduce the specific method of adjusting the track tension. I hope everyone has to help.

  Track adjustment is too tight: If the track is too tight, the walking speed and walking power will decrease. This will not only cause a decrease in work efficiency, but also cause abnormal wear due to excessive friction applied to the pins and bushings.

  The track is too loose: The track slackly rides on the drive wheels and the idler sprocket, causing greater wear or damage. Moreover, when the loose track sags too much, it may come into contact with the frame and damage the frame. Failure to make correct adjustments can also cause unexpected failures.

  The specific method of adjusting the track tension is as follows.

  1. Lift the device. Use jacks to lift one side of the loader, and put appropriate jacks in front of and behind the machine

  2. use the wrench to open the side cover and set it aside

  3. Add or remove grease. Use a grease gun to tighten the track with grease and remove the grease to loosen the track.

  4 measures the distance from the track to the track roller, about 1 inch is the best distance. Repeat the above operation on the other side.

  When adjusting the tension of the crawler, you should pay attention not to tighten the crawler, and pay attention to safety.

  The above is an introduction to the adjustment method of the excavator crawler tension. I hope everyone will know the adjustment method of the excavator crawler tension to help everyone.

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