Excavator undercarriage parts maintenance

The excavator undercarriage is a relatively important part. In order to run the undercarriage better, the excavator undercarriage parts need to be maintained. So how to repair the undercarriage parts of the excavator? Let's take a look at the maintenance of the excavator undercarriage parts together.

  1. Perform maintenance according to the maintenance plan.

  2. Before the machine enters the warranty, the operator thoroughly cleans the undercarriage parts of the excavator to keep the machine clean and complete before entering the factory.

  3. For newly purchased excavator undercarriage parts, it is necessary to check its appearance quality and standard size to ensure the quality of accessories.

  4. The first step of equipment entering the factory for repair and maintenance is to park the equipment in place; the support pad is firm, and the triangle wood is properly laid to make the equipment safe and reliable.

  5. The repaired excavator undercarriage parts must be inspected to meet the assembly technical requirements and ensure the quality of ingredients.

  6. For the machine to enter the insurance formalities, a special person is required to evaluate the equipment before repairing the machine, check the technical status of the machine, it will improve the maintenance items to be filled in the maintenance worksheet, and make relevant records.

  7. According to the maintenance items of the machine, arrange the division of labor, and use the tools without error to disassemble the equipment. The parts of the excavator undercarriage that are required to be dismantled are placed in a special basin and can be reused after cleaning.

  8. Prepare the identification and preparation of the undercarriage parts of the excavator, and let the technicians identify the parts, and handle the available and replaced parts according to the assembly methods and clearances of the machine.

  We must perform the correct operation according to the above instructions. Only in this way can the daily maintenance work of the excavator undercarriage be done, so as to better operate it and improve the construction efficiency.

  The above is an introduction to the maintenance of excavator undercarriage parts. I hope everyone will understand the maintenance of excavator undercarriage parts and help you.

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