How to prevent hydraulic arm cylinder parts from leaking

Hydraulic arm cylinder parts are the more important parts in excavator parts, so the tightness of hydraulic arm cylinder parts is very important. So how to prevent leakage of hydraulic arm cylinder parts? Let ’s take a look at the methods to prevent leakage of hydraulic arm cylinder parts.

  1, add shock and vibration

  In order to increase the leakage caused by the looseness of the joints subject to shock and vibration, the following measures can be taken:

  ①Using shock-absorbing brackets to fix all pipes in order to drain the impact and vibration;

  ② Use a low-impact valve or accumulator to increase the impact;

  ③Properly arrange pressure control valves to cover all elements of the system;

  ④ Try to increase the number of pipe joints, and pipe joints should be connected by welding as much as possible;

  ⑤Using straight screw joint, tee joint and elbow instead of taper pipe thread joint;

  ⑥ Try to replace each piping with oil return block;

  ⑦ According to the minimum pressure used, the torque of the bolt and the plug torque are used during the regular installation, and the hydraulic cylinder avoids the joint surface and seals being swallowed;

  ⑧Install pipe joints accurately.

  2, increase the wear of dynamic seals

  Most moving seals have been accurately designed. If the moving seals are qualified, installed accurately, and used reasonably, they can guarantee absolutely no leakage for a long time. From a design perspective, designers can take the following measures to extend the life of moving seals:

  ①Remove side load on piston rod and drive shaft seal;

  ② Cover the piston rod with a dust ring, a protective cover and a rubber sleeve to avoid the entry of abrasives, dust and other impurities;

  Design and select a suitable filter installation and easy-to-clean fuel tank to avoid dust accumulation in the oil;

  ④ Make the speed of the piston rod and shaft as low as possible.

hydraulic arm cylinder parts

  3.Requirements for static seals

  Static seals prevent leakage of fluid between rigidly fixed surfaces. Reasonably design the dimensions and tolerances of the seal grooves. The hydraulic arm cylinder parts will deform the installed seals to a certain extent in order to fill the macroscopic depressions in the appearance, and increase the internal stress of the seals to be higher than the pressure to be sealed. When the stiffness of the part or the pre-tightening force of the bolt is not large enough, the matching appearance will form a gap or increase the gap that can exist from the beginning because the sealing appearance is not flat enough under the action of oil pressure. With the appearance of the welded pipe, the static seal becomes a dynamic seal. A rough fit will wear the seal, and varying gaps will swallow the edges of the seal.

  4. Reasonably design the mounting plate

  When the valve block or the bottom plate is bolted to the mounting surface, in order to obtain a satisfactory initial seal and avoid the seal being squeezed out of the groove and being worn, the mounting surface must be straight, the sealing surface requires finishing, and the surface roughness must reach 0.8μm, the stereoscopicity should reach 0.01 / 100mm. There must be no radial scratches on the surface, and the pre-tightening force of the adapter screw must be large enough to avoid appearance differences.

  5.Master the oil temperature to avoid seals from changing

  The premature deterioration of the seal can be caused by many factors, one of which is the high oil temperature. Each time the temperature is reduced by 10 ° C, the life of the seal will be halved. Therefore, a high-efficiency hydraulic system or a cooling installation should be properly designed to maintain the oil temperature below 65 ° C. Another factor can be the phase of the oil used and the seal data For capacitive problems, the type and material of hydraulic oil and seals should be selected according to the application explanation book or related manuals to deal with compatibility issues and extend the service life of seals.

  The above is the introduction of the method of preventing leakage of the hydraulic arm cylinder parts. I hope everyone will know the method of preventing the leakage of the hydraulic arm cylinder parts and it will be helpful to everyone.

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