Oil leakage prevention method of hydraulic system of excavator

 Oil leakage is a common failure phenomenon of hydraulic machinery, especially in the hydraulic system of excavators, which is mainly caused by the pressure difference when the liquid flows in the hydraulic components and pipelines and the gaps between the components. In addition, harsh working conditions will also have an impact on the seal of the excavator. Once an oil leak occurs in the hydraulic system, the system pressure will not be established. The oil leakage from the hydraulic oil will also cause environmental pollution, affect production and even have inestimable serious consequences.

  There are two main types of oil leaks in the hydraulic system of excavators. There are oil leaks at fixed seals and oil leaks at moving seals. Oil leaks at fixed seals mainly include the bottom of the cylinder and the joints of various pipe joints. Piston rod, multi-way valve stem and other parts. Oil leakage can also be divided into external oil leakage and internal oil leakage. External oil leakage mainly refers to the leakage of hydraulic oil from the system to the environment. Internal oil leakage refers to the existence of the pressure difference between the high and low pressure side and Reasons such as seal failure cause hydraulic oil to flow from the high pressure side to the low pressure side in the system.

hydraulic system of excavator

  The factors that cause the oil leakage of the hydraulic system of the excavator are the result of the comprehensive influence of various aspects. With the existing technology and materials, it is difficult to completely eliminate the oil leakage of the hydraulic system. Only from the above factors affecting the oil leakage of the hydraulic system, take reasonable measures to minimize the oil leakage of the hydraulic system. In the design and processing, we must fully consider the design and processing of sealing grooves, which are important factors affecting oil leakage. In addition, the selection of seals is also very important. If the factors affecting oil leakage are not fully considered, it will bring immeasurable losses to future production. Choose the right assembly and repair method and learn from past experience. For example, use special tools as much as possible in the assembly of the seal ring, and apply some grease to the seal ring. In the control of hydraulic oil pollution, we must start from the source of the pollution, strengthen the control of the pollution source, and take effective filtering measures and regular oil quality inspection. In order to effectively cut off the pollution of the hydraulic cylinder by external factors (water, dust, particles, etc.), some protective measures can be added. In short, the prevention and control of oil spills must be comprehensively implemented and comprehensively considered to be effective.

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