Precautions for use of track shoes and solutions for wear

       Track shoes, one of the chassis parts of construction machinery, are a kind of wearing parts of construction machinery used. Commonly used in excavators, bulldozers, crawler cranes, pavers and other construction machinery. The following are the precautions for the use of track shoes and the solutions to wear. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  Precautions for use of track shoes

  First of all, when using the track shoe, avoid direct contact with the heat source, should be at least one meter away, and when using in the open air, avoid direct sunlight and other weather factors. And the conveying speed should be less than 2.5m / s. During use, the tension of the track shoes should not be too high, and the minimum tension should be maintained as much as possible under the premise that the track shoes mesh with the gear and do not bend. And it must be ensured that the same model and the same material of the track shoe.

  When the track shoes start, the empty machine of the conveyor should be guaranteed to start. Because the acceleration required when starting up is quite large, if there is material on the track board when starting up, there may be problems such as excessive load on the gear slip motor. Also try to ensure that the material on the track shoes is emptied when stopping. When the multi-stage track pads are running, the driving sequence should be to open the last stage and then move forward. The sequence of downtime is reversed.

track shoes

  What to do if the track shoes wear out quickly

  First, if you find a roller that cannot be operated due to a malfunction, repair it immediately. If part of the sprocket or track roller can't continue to run, if you continue to use it in this state, it may cause the roller to wear away, and may even cause the rail link to wear. Therefore, when such a roller cannot be operated, it must be repaired immediately so as to avoid other failures in time.

  Secondly, try to avoid the excavator traveling on inclined ground or turning suddenly. Repeatedly walking on a sloping ground for a long time and abruptly turning will cause the side of the rail link to meet the side of the drive wheel and the guide wheel, which will increase the degree of wear. Therefore, it is possible to effectively prevent excessive wear by choosing straight travel and large turns during the operation.

  Finally, regular inspection and reinforcement of bolts and nuts can effectively reduce track wear. Track rollers, track shoe bolts, drive wheel mounting bolts, travel piping bolts, etc. are easily loosened by vibration due to the long-term operation of the equipment. If you continue to operate the equipment with the track shoe bolts loose, there may be a gap between the bolt and the track shoe, which can cause cracks in the track shoe. The gap may also increase the bolt hole between the track and the track link, resulting in no way to tighten it, resulting in the consequence that the track and track link must be replaced.

  Although it is the small details that cause the excavator track to wear, it is these small details that, if not noticed, may cause large failures and consequences.

  The above is an introduction to the use of track pads and the solutions to wear. I hope everyone will understand the use of the track pads and the solutions to fast wear, which will be helpful to everyone.

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