Precision forging technology of track roller body

       The track roller is a relatively important part of the excavator chassis accessories. It is one of the four wheels and one belt. It plays a great role in the excavator's work. Now let ’s talk about the precision forging technology of the roller wheel body. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  The casting production line adopted by the wheel body is the German Miller Wanjiadun PSH4450 full-active electric screw press casting line. This production line realizes unmanned operation, high production efficiency and stable quality. The important process is described below:

  1, bar material feeding. Raw materials should be loaded with active feeders, which increases the labor intensity of the staff.

  2, the bar medium frequency feels heated. The heating temperature is controlled at (1200 ± 30) ° C. The furnace mouth is equipped with an infrared temperature measurement installation and a temperature three-sorting mechanism.

track roller

  3, PSH4450 electric screw press casting. Three working steps are arranged on the press, namely upsetting, pre-forging and final forging. The upsetting process of the bar material is heavy. If the oxide scale on the outside of the bar material is removed, it is upset to a suitable height and can be accurately positioned in the pre-forging cavity. The plan of the pre-forged cavity in the wheel forging process is extremely important. Its important role is to realize the pre-forming of the wheel body, which takes about 60% of the deformation, reduces the wear of the final forging cavity, and significantly improves the final forging die. Application life. The final forging die plays the role of rear forming. The cavity draft angle at the tread is planned to be 1 °, and the upper and lower ejection mechanisms must be provided on the die to smooth the demolding and final forging process. Due to the inferior casting work condition, the robot adopts active spraying for smooth cooling.

  4,400t crank press for trimming and punching. The composite mold is used to realize trimming and punching at one time. The upper die discharge adopts a disc spring and the lower ejection adopts a hydraulic type, which facilitates the robot to accurately grasp the forging. This has greatly improved production efficiency, reduced the number of equipment and molds and control staff, reduced production costs, and ensured the quality of forgings.

  The above is an introduction to the precision forging technology of the wheel body of the track roller. I hope that after you understand the precision forging technology of the track wheel body, it will be helpful for everyone to understand the track roller.

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