Track shoe wear solution and working environment requirements

       Track shoe is an important part of the excavator chassis, which can effectively protect the track and prolong the service life of the equipment. The following is the solution to the wear of crawler shoes and the requirements of the working environment. I hope everyone has to help.

  Solution to track shoe wear

  1. If you find a roller that cannot run due to a fault, repair it immediately. If part of the sprocket or track roller can't continue to run, if you continue to use it in this state, it may cause the roller to wear away, and may even cause the rail link to wear. Therefore, when such a roller cannot be operated, it must be repaired immediately so as to avoid other failures in time.

  2. As far as possible, avoid excavator traveling on inclined ground or sudden turning. Repeatedly walking on a sloping ground for a long time and abruptly turning will cause the side of the rail link to meet the side of the drive wheel and the guide wheel, which will increase the degree of wear. Therefore, it is possible to effectively prevent excessive wear by choosing straight travel and large turns during the operation.

  3. Regular inspection and reinforcement of bolts and nuts can effectively reduce track wear. If you continue to operate the equipment with the track shoe bolts loose, there may be a gap between the bolt and the track shoe, which can cause cracks in the track shoe. The gap may also increase the bolt hole between the track and the track link, resulting in no way to tighten it, resulting in the consequence that the track and track link must be replaced.

Track shoe

  Working environment requirements for track shoes.

  1, the service temperature of the crawler is generally between -25 ~ 55C.

  2. The salt of chemicals, oil, and seawater will accelerate the aging of the crawler. After using in such an environment, the crawler must be cleaned.

  3. Pavement with sharp protrusions (such as steel bars, stones, etc.) will cause injury to the rubber track.

  4. Road stones, ruts, or uneven roads will cause cracks on the ground side of the track edges. This kind of crack can continue to be used when it does not damage the steel cord.

  5. The gravel and gravel road surface will cause early wear of the rubber surface in contact with the load wheel, forming small cracks. In severe cases, water intrudes, causing the core iron to fall off and the wire to break. The steel track chassis has a relatively wide range of use, its life span, and a wider choice of operating conditions. It consists of steel tracks, track wheels, guide wheels, track wheels, chassis, and two walking reducers (the walking reducer consists of a motor, a gear box, a brake, and a valve body). Generally, for example, the drilling rig is arranged on the chassis as a whole, and the walking speed of the crawler chassis is adjusted by the control handle, which can make the whole machine move, turn, climb, and walk conveniently.

  The above is an introduction to the solution for the wear of crawler shoes and the requirements of the working environment. I hope that everyone will understand the solution to the wear of the crawler shoes and the requirements of the working environment, which will help you use the crawler shoes.

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