• PC300 carrier roller
  • PC300 carrier roller

Excavator Undercarriage Parts PC300 Carrier Roller For KOMATSU

Brand :F-Times,AFA,UTD

Product origin :Quanzhou Fujian China

Delivery time :30days

Supply capacity :20000pcs

1. The PC300 carrier roller body adopts fully-automatic closed forging technology. By optimizing the mold structure and forging process, it solves the industry problems such as folding of forgings and lack of meat;
2. Increase the strength of the wheel body and the bearing capacity of the supporting sprocket through normalizing the excess temperature;
3. The wheel tread is induction hardened, which has excellent wear resistance.
4. According to the structure and working conditions of the main engine, we have developed "F", "T" and "I" structure supporting sprocket wheels to meet the diverse needs of customers and the main engine in different working conditions.

Product Information

PC300 carrier roller

PC300 carrier roller

Brand Name F-Times,AFA,UTD
Products TypePC300 Carrier roller
Place of ProductionQuanzhou Fujian China
Excavator, Bulldozer, ect
Forging Casting/Smooth Finish
FeatureDurable, Strong
Material40Mn, 50Mn
Color Commonly use color, Customized
MOQ 10pcs
Shipment FOB


Product Informatio


How to avoid the derailment of the excavator track chain?

1. When walking on the construction site, please try to place the walking motor behind the walking to reduce the pressure on the supporting sprocket.

2. The continuous walking time of the machine should not exceed 2 hours. The walking time at the construction site should be reduced as much as possible. If necessary, it is recommended to stop shortly before walking.

3. Avoid raised hard objects when walking, so as not to cause stress set on the rail chain.

4. Confirm the tightness of the track, adjust the track tightly in the soft place such as soil, and adjust the track loose when walking on the stone. Tracks that are too loose or too tight are not good. Too loose will cause the track to easily derail, and too tight will cause the chain sleeve to wear too quickly.

5. Always check whether there are foreign bodies such as stones in the track, if necessary, clean them up.


6. When working on a muddy construction site, it is necessary to often idle to drain the mud deposited in the tracks.

7. Try to avoid the excavator turning in circle.

8. Regularly check the rail guard and the welded rail guard under the guide wheel.



 PC300 carrier roller




Product Process

               PC300 carrier roller

PC300 carrier roller Track roller



Main producing products of our company : Track Link, Track Roller, Front Idler, Carrier Roller, Sprocket, Track Shoes and so on.we always believe quality leads the future and innovation makes dreams come true. 

PC300 carrier roller

PC300 carrier roller

PC300 carrier roller


PC300 carrier roller


PC300 carrier roller

PC300 carrier roller

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