• PC300 track roller
  • PC300 track roller

Excavator Undercarriage Parts PC300 Track Roller For KOMARSU

Brand :F-Times,AFA,UTD

Product origin :Quanzhou Fujian China

Delivery time :30days

Supply capacity :20000pcs

As the main bearing structure of the tracked roller excavator, its design and manufacturing quality are directly related to the overall safety of the machine, especially in large tonnage tracked rotary excavators. The arrangement of the rollers is sparse middle and dense ends.

Product Information

PC300 track roller PC300 track roller

Brand Name F-Times,AFA,UTD
Products TypeTrack roller
Place of ProductionQuanzhou Fujian China
Excavator, Bulldozer, ect
Forging Casting/Smooth Finish
FeatureDurable, Strong
Material40Mn, 50Mn
Color Commonly use color, Customized
MOQ 10pcs
Shipment FOB

Product description
The track roller is one of the four wheels and one belt of the tracked construction machinery chassis. Its main function is to support the weight of the excavator and the bulldozer, and let the track advance along the wheel.

roduct Information

PC300 track roller


Performance parameter


Roller wheel body materials are generally 50Mn, 40Mn2,etc. The main process is casting or forging, machining, and then heat treatment. The hardness of the surface of the wheel after quenching should reach HRC45 ~ 52 to increase the wear resistance of the wheel surface. The processing precision of roller axles is relatively high. Generally, CNC machine tools are required to meet the requirements. The material is more than 40Mn2. After processing, it is also required to be quenched and heat treated, and the hardness reaches about HRC42.


Use and maintenance

After the operation, did the operator clean the sludge on the lower traveling body while cleaning the cab? If sludge is attached to the lower traveling body. It is not possible to perform an inspection of its related parts. Therefore, be sure to remove these sludges and inspect and maintain the lower traveling body. Are the bolts loose? Can the sprocket and track roller not rotate? Are there oil leaks from the sprocket, track roller and drive wheels?

other instructions

Product features: high-quality oil seal, large and beautiful wheel body, strict inspection and delivery.


 PC300 track roller




Product Process

               PC300 track roller

PC300 track roller

Precautions for Track Roller Replacement

1. After cleaning the dirt on the walking frame, park the device on a flat area.


2. Use a wrench to loosen the pressure-blocking cylinder's pressure relief plug of the walking frame, and loosen it no more than 1 turn to prevent the high-pressure grease from spraying and hurting people.

3. Use the working device (big arm cylinder) to support the vehicle body, lift the track pads, and use a pneumatic wrench to loosen the track cover wheel cap screws, but do not completely remove the screws.

4. Raise the boom cylinder, lower the track pads, and support the track pads with the track rollers. Loosen the screws to remove the tile cover, support the vehicle body again, and lift out the track rollers.

5. Install the track rollers in the order of disassembly. The roller screws are coated with copper powder to prevent rust. After screwing it in place with a pneumatic wrench, the pound meter (torque tool) can be adjusted to increase the pound.

6. After the high-pressure grease is injected into the telescopic cylinder of the walking frame, the standard value is measured during forward and backward travel. The gap at a is about 10 ~ 30mm.


PC300 track roller

PC300 track roller

PC300 track roller


PC300 track roller


PC300 track roller

PC300 track roller

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