• China R60 front idler
  • China R60 front idler

Excavator Undercarriage Parts R60 Front Idler For HYUNDAI

Brand :F-Times,AFA,UTD

Product origin :Quanzhou Fujian China

Delivery time :30days

Supply capacity :20000pcs

Our Idler is made of alkaline phenolic resin sand or water glass sand.
The wheel and rail surface is heated by matrix normalizing+medium frequency induction.
The surface hardness achievable HRC48-58 and the hardening depth is 4-6mm (HRC45) the above.It has rugged high impact and proper wear resistance.

Product Information

China R60 front idler

Brand Name F-Times,AFA,UTD
Products TypeFront Idler
Place of ProductionQuanzhou Fujian China
Excavator, Bulldozer, ect
Forging Casting/Smooth Finish
FeatureDurable, Strong
Material40Mn, 50Mn35Mn
Color Commonly use color, Customized
MOQ 10pcs
Shipment FOB


Product Information

China R60 front idler

 Solution for rough surface of front idler axle

There are many metal peaks on the surface of the front idler shaft, which destroys the integrity and continuity of the lubricant film between the shaft and the sliding bearing. During operation, a large amount of metal grinding debris will be generated in the lubricating oil, which will increase the surface roughness of the shaft and the bearing, and the lubrication condition will worsen, causing the front idler shaft and the sliding bearing to be severely worn.

During the wear of the track pins and pin sleeves, the track pitch is gradually extended, resulting in poor meshing between the drive wheel and the pin sleeve, resulting in damage to the pin sleeve and abnormal wear of the tooth surfaces of the drive wheels, which can cause snakes, flaps, and impacts. Greatly shorten the life of the walking mechanism. When the pitch cannot be restored by adjusting the tension, the track pins and pin sleeves need to be turned over to obtain the correct track pitch. At the scene, there are two times when the track pin and pin sleeve are turned over; one method of maintaining the excavator is to check the time when the track pitch is 3mm longer; the other method of maintaining the bulldozer is to check the outer diameter of the pin sleeve At the time of wear of 3mm.

Lubricating oil is injected from the screw hole at the end of the front idler wheel and then gradually fills the entire cavity. In actual operation, if there is no special tool for oil injection, it is difficult for the lubricating oil to pass through the cavity around the front idler wheel only under the effect of its own gravity. And the gas in the cavity is not smoothly discharged, and it is difficult to fill the lubricating oil. The oil filling space of the original machine cavity is too small, causing a serious shortage of lubricating oil.   


 China R60 front idler




Product Process

               China R60 front idler

China R60 front idlerTrack roller



      Quanzhou Future Times Trading Co.,Ltd has always been committed to developing and manufacturing the undercarriage parts of excavator bulldozer construction machinery since its establishment in 2009.

  On the basis of technology development the company has taken in a group of experienced personals who was telleted in senior management, marketing and skills of producing.And products conducted in accordance with international quality standards and have been implemented throughout the entire production process.                

China R60 front idler

China R60 front idler

China R60 front idler

Heavy reasons for the front idler assembly main clutch lever

The main reasons are: the oil filter is clogged and the oil supply is insufficient, making the booster ineffective; the main clutch hydraulic system is short of oil; the booster is damaged or the booster safety valve is defective; the bimetallic sleeve in the moving sleeve is burned. When there is a serious failure of the clutch lever, you should first check whether the oil level of its hydraulic system meets the requirements; if the oil level is appropriate, you can temporarily remove the oil filter and then pull the main clutch lever. If you feel that the lever is stiff, It means that the oil filter is blocked. In this case, you only need to clean or replace the oil filter. If the oil circuit is normal, but the main clutch lever is heavy, you can first check whether the safety valve of the booster is stuck or draining oil. If there is no problem with the booster safety valve, you must check the booster; or check the bimetal sleeve in the moving sleeve Whether it is burnt or not, it can be replaced with a new one.


China R60 front idler


Q1: How to ensure the goods is available for my machine?

A1: We have the service information system which can check the machine parts 

information precisely. You can measure the parameter and then we will find that.

Q2: How do you guarantee your good's quality?

A2: First, we have severe quality-control system and ISO certification. Second,

we will sign up the parts warranty policy with you.  And last, you can visit our

factory or ask some quality-test organization to check that.

Q3: What's your advantages which is different from others?

A3: The company advantages : we have a very complete service system. 

The product advantage:the company pays attention to the product quality, 

the use value which pays attention to the customer, provides the high quality 

product with the outstanding cost performance for the domestic and foreign customer.

Q4: What's your delivery time?

A4: It depends on your order quantity. If the products you need are in stock, 

we would arrange dispatch within 7 days after you pay. If not, the delivery time

can be negotiated.


China R60 front idler

China R60 front idler

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