• R60 track roller
  • R60 track roller
  • R60 track roller

Excavator Undercarriage Parts R60 Track Roller For HYUNDAI

Brand :F-Times,AFA,UTD

Product origin :Quanzhou Fujian China

Delivery time :30days

Supply capacity :20000pcs

The track roller of an excavator is one of the "four wheels and one belt". The track roller is directly related to the working performance and walking performance of the excavator. Its weight and manufacturing cost account for a quarter of the manufacturing cost of the excavator.

Product Information

R60 track rollerR60 track roller

Brand Name F-Times,AFA,UTD
Products TypeR60 Track roller
Place of ProductionQuanzhou Fujian China
Excavator, Bulldozer, ect
Forging Casting/Smooth Finish
FeatureDurable, Strong
Material40Mn, 50Mn
Color Commonly use color, Customized
MOQ 10pcs
Shipment FOB


Product Information

R60 track roller


     The R60 track track roller is an important load-bearing component of the HYUNDA excavator chassis. It consists of track wheels, support shafts, left and right support seats, and seal components. The supporting shaft is fixed on the trolley frame through left and right supporting seats. The press-fitted shaft sleeves in the holes of the wheel body cooperate with the supporting shaft to rotate. A sealing component is installed between the rotating wheel body and the fixed left and right supporting seats to maintain the supporting shaft. Sealing with lubricating oil in shaft sleeve and other parts.

  The sealing assembly is composed of a pair of double-conical metal material sealing rings and two nitrile rubber fixed compression rings.

  The rubber rings are respectively installed in the sealing seat openings of the wheel body and the support seat. Since the metal seal ring is pressed by the rubber ring to ensure that the annular blades are tightly engaged during rotation, the seal is a floating seal type.


 R60 track roller




Product Process

               R60 track roller

R60 track roller material

  60R60 track roller wheel materials are generally 50Mn, 40Mn2, etc. The main process is casting or forging, machining, and then heat treatment. The hardness of the surface of the wheel after quenching should reach HRC45 ~ 52 to increase the wear resistance of the wheel surface. The processing precision of roller axles is relatively high. Generally, CNC machine tools are required to meet the requirements. The material is more than 40Mn2. After processing, it is also required to be quenched and heat treated, and the hardness reaches about HRC42.

Track roller


R60 track roller

R60 track roller

R60 track roller

There are several reasons for the oil leak on the R60 track roller:

1.The floating oil seal is unqualified;

2. the circularity of the product sleeve is insufficient;


3. the gloss of the fulcrum is insufficient;


4.The gear oil is not up to standard;


5. Tolerance of processing dimensions and so on.


R60 track roller


R60 track roller

R60 track roller

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